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Products and Services offered by Almetron

Almetron develop, manufacture and supply speciality chemicals and technologies, principally for use in the metal finishing industry. We also provide product testing and evaluations services as well as product distribution. Please feel free to Contact Us if you would like some more information on what we can offer your industry.

In addition to this, we distribute a wide range of commodity chemicals and bespoke formulations across a very broad industry base including aerospace, automotive, construction, textile, cleaning, sanitising, food, dairy, agriculture, pharmaceutical, sanitisation waste, recycling and water treatment.

We have very limited restrictions on pack or load size for wet products, though most dry chemicals come in 25kg or 1000kg bags.

We will accommodate any enquiry or requirement however big or small and have a simple policy of “what we quote is what you pay”, with no hidden costs or charges.

Feel free to Contact Us with any chemical requirement; if we can't help we may know a man who can!

All deliveries are carried out by ADR qualified and experienced drivers and we pride ourselves on our outstanding ability to respond quickly to customers' requirements and offer a competitive, reliable service.

We also offer Consultancy and Training Services.

Please Contact Us for more information.

Products and Services

Spraying aluminium extrusions

Metal Treatment Products

Almetron offer an extensive range of Metal Pre-Treatment and Galvanising chemicals, both a standard range and bespoke products to meet the clients’ needs...


A milking machine

Peracetic Acid (PAA)

Almetron is a UK distributor of Peracetic Acid (PAA). We supply and distribute both 5% and 15% in accordance with the BPR.


Anodised components

Anodising Products

Almetron offer an extensive range of chemicals used in the anodising Industry, both a standard range and bespoke products to meet the clients’ needs.


Chenical products in a warehouse

Toll Manufacture, Commodity Chemicals and Effluent Treatment Products

We blend, dilute and distribute a vast range of chemicals used in many areas of production and manufacturing...


Lorries on a motorway

On- highway, Off- highway and Marine, NOx fume reduction Urea Blends

We offer vehicle operators our own blend of NOx exhaust fume reduction urea blends for diesel engines...


A milk bottling line

Cleaning, Sanitising and Water Treatment Products

We offer products for surface cleaning, sanitising and water treatment for use in the dairy, food and beverage manufacturing industry...