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Anodising Products

Almetron offer an extensive range of chemicals used in the anodising Industry, both a standard range and bespoke products to meet the clients’ needs. We will work closely with you, using our vast experience and industry knowledge to provide an appropriate and cost-effective solution.

  • Cleaners and degreasers for all metals
  • Aluminium etches and etch additives
  • Pre and post anodising treatment chemical
  • Rinse aids and flocculants
  • Deoxidisers and desmuts
  • Dyes and electrocolouring salts
  • Hot sealing additives
  • Cold sealing solutions and salts
  • Extrusion die stripping solutions and additives
  • Dosing equipment

Our aluminium etching technologies have been developed to produce the best possible finishes in terms of masking die lines and markings associated with extruding rolling. We are able to achieve the most matt appearance with the minimum of metal removal, thereby considerably reducing environmental impact and operational costs.

Within our etching technology we have developed a dual stage system producing a very matt surface with less than 25 g/m2 metal removal.

Aluminium Etches

The current range includes formulates and pre-blended products and additives for use with Caustic Soda. In addition to these we also have some Acid Blends available depending upon your particular requirement or application.

Almetron understands the importance of our clients' needs when it comes to achieving the correct finish for your surface. Whether it be for paint adhesion or a specific matt finish ahead of anodising, we believe our products remain at the forefront of this technology.


Almetron acknowledges that the majority of etching processes result in residual metallic smuts remaining. We have various low impact technologies available to tackle this. Our professional, experienced laborarory team can also formulate bespoke blends to suit our clients' specific requirements.

Chemical Brighteners

Over the years we have developed and tested a broad range of Full Bright and Semi Bright solutions that offer an extensive range of achievable finishes. We can also provide the options of including both Fume Suppressants and Anti-Transfer Additives, depending upon the application and your requirements. Anobrite is our Semi-Bright option and Highbrite provides a Full Bright finish.

Surface Colouring

We offer a collection of Surface Electro Colouring Solutions, Organic and Colourfast Dyes. Finishing Agents are also available to accompany the colours, if required.

Sealing Anodic Films

Our extensive collection of Pre-sealing Additives comprises a variety of hot and cold sealing agents. Within this range of products we can also offer an effective pre-sealing, easy to use additive designed to slot in with our client's process. These products are also suitable to work in feed, bleed and filter systems, including processes that allow concentration analysis.

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